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Canon PG640XLCL641XL Colour Ink Cartridge

Canon PG640XLCL641XL Colour Ink Cartridge

Canon PG640XLCL641XL Colour Ink Cartridge

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* Canon PG640XLCL641XL Colour Ink Cartridge.
* This unit is compatible with the following printers: PIXMAMG2160, PIXMAMG2260, PIXMAMG3160, PIXMAMG3260, PIXMAMG4160, PIXMAMG4260, PIXMAMX376, PIXMAMX436, PIXMAMX516, PIXMAMX396, PIXMAMX456, PIXMAMX526, PIXMAMG3560, PIXMAMX536, PIXMAMX476, PIXMAMG3660, PIXMATS5160

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